Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI)

Proposed Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI)

In the coming months you will see big changes in the immigration laws. If Congress approves this law, individuals you are in the United States illegally may be able apply to become legal through the RPI process. Under RPI you may be immediately be able to get a work permit to work legally in the United States.

Some of the of the proposed changes are:

RPI: Individuals who apply for RPI status must show that they have been in the United States before 12/31/2011

  • The employment verification system: Most likely, the process for employers to hire non-U.S. workers will become increasingly stringent. With a the knowledge of the guest workers program and other instruments for helping employers bring employees to the United States, we will be on top of the upcoming legislative changes to provide counsel, representation and information for employers.