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How can a brain injury affect your life?

When California workers like you suffer from brain injuries while on the job, we at the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez provide you with what you need to know to gain the compensation you deserve. Determining how extensive damage can be and how your life may be affected are just the start.

First, know that brain injuries don't always manifest immediately. The symptoms you see may not be what you expect, as well. For example, brain injuries can cause more than just cognitive problems. You may actually find yourself dealing with mood changes. Depression or sudden aggressive behaviors are the most common, along with extreme and uncharacteristic mood swings.

The most common workplace injuries

If you have been injured at work, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of workers in the state of California and around the country suffer workplace injuries that leave them struggling to recover and regain the income they earned before. We at the Law Offices of Hussein and Gutierrez have detailed the most common injuries that happen in the workplace so that you can be aware of these dangerous situations. states that one of the most common ways to sustain an injury at work is by repeating the same motions over a long period of time. Using the same muscles each day can lead to strains and injured tendons, while certain arm positions can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Even straining to see tiny things and lit screens can lead to vision problems. 

Will your legal status keep you from getting workers' comp?

When you go to work each day, do you try your best to avoid attention and simply carry out your duties in the hope that you'll make it safely back to your home without any problems? There are many other undocumented immigrants in California who relate to your current situation. Living as a non-citizen in the United States is especially challenging if you're trying to raise a family in the process. Where your job is concerned, you may worry about getting help if you get injured.

You're likely familiar with the workers' compensation program but perhaps worry that you would not be able to file a claim if you were injured in a workplace accident because of your legal status. You may be relieved to know that there are support networks available that provide many resources to help you overcome on-the-job problems pertaining to immigration.

You can get workers' compensation for depression

As more and more people in California and around the country realize that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, employees have started seeking workers' compensation benefits for emotional and psychological damage in addition to injuries that affect the body. We at the Law Office of Hussain and Gutierrez can fight for your rights to ensure that you get the help you need to overcome depression or any other mental health issues sustained at work.

According to Findlaw, if your depression did not involve any physical injuries, you will need to show sufficient evidence that it is related to your employment. First, you will need to offer legal causation, meaning that you must prove that your work legally caused or contributed to your employment. You must also be able to show medical causation in the form of a psychiatrist's or doctor's evaluation stating that your condition was aggravated or caused by your employment.

What should you do after a workplace accident?

California workers like you may find yourself fighting for compensation if you ever get injured on the job. We at the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez provide you with a general idea of what you should do immediately following your accident, potentially providing you with the tools you need to handle the situation efficiently.

After an accident, the first thing you should do is immediately tell your employer. Even if you don't think it's a big deal in the now, it can prove itself to be a much worse problem than you thought over time. Then you'll be dealing with extra issues because you didn't come forward sooner, and that can make it harder for you to get compensation. You should also fill out a claim form for the same reason. The more detailed you are with your reporting, the better it will be for you.

Staying safe when lifting at work

Manual lifting is a regular part of many people’s work day. There are all kinds of jobs that involve a lot of lifting tasks. This includes many jobs in the retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Now, in addition to being a very common workplace task, lifting also can have its dangers for workers. There are circumstances in which lifting could pose injury risks to workers, including musculoskeletal injury risks.

Electrical safety and solar panel workers

There has been a fair amount of interest in green energy in recent years. As part of this trend, more and more homes and businesses are utilizing solar panels to meet some of their energy needs.

A fair amount of work goes into the installation and maintenance of such panels. This includes work by electrical workers. Now, there are some dangers that could come up for electrical workers and other workers in connection to solar panel installation and maintenance. This includes risks of electrical accidents. Solar panel systems can be carrying a lot of direct-current (DC) energy.

New oil refinery regulations given approval in California

Workplace accidents come in many varieties. Some are smaller in scale, involving one worker or a handful of workers. Others are large emergency events potentially affecting all or most of a workplace. Examples of these larger types of incidents include major chemical leaks, large fires and explosions.

When major emergency events occur in a workplace, many workers can be left injured. Hurt workers can experience a great deal of confusion in the wake of these major events. This could include confusion over what rights they have relating to workers’ comp benefits. Getting clarification on these rights can be important for such workers. Victims of major workplace accidents can seek out explanations of their workers’ comp rights from experienced attorneys.

Going to the chapel to get married doesn't guarantee legal status

Perhaps you are among many others in California who mistakenly believed that by marrying a U.S. citizen, you'd automatically become one yourself. By the time you learned that information was not factual, you may have already found yourself in a precarious situation. Do you remain undocumented and hope for the best? It's been duly noted that not only is this illegal, it's typically a very bad idea for many other reasons as well.

However, those who say mixed status families should simply do what needs done to adjust the legal status of the undocumented spouse may not realize it's often easier said than done. U.S. immigration law is quite complex, for one thing. Unless you have a background in law, it's usually difficult to understand. There may also be a language barrier involved. Becoming a citizen is a process, one that is often lengthy and stressful. Thus, you may be tempted (as others have been) to live an undocumented lifestyle instead.

Patient handling and healthcare worker safety

Among the many types of tasks healthcare workers perform is patient handling. This includes thing such as lifting, repositioning, transferring and mobilizing patients. Safety concerns can arise for healthcare workers in relation to such tasks. Sometimes, such workers suffer injuries, such as musculoskeletal injuries, during the course of patient handing.

So, it can be very important for healthcare workers to understand their rights regarding patient handling.

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