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Employing non-U.S. citizens in your California business

As a California business owner or manager, you may encounter a time when you need someone with a particular expertise. Your search for the right person may lead you outside the United States, and you need to know whether you can bring that individual into the country to work.

Before that individual may enter the country to work for you, you should make sure that he or she enters and remains in the country legally. Following the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act could accomplish this goal.

What you need to know about on-the-job injuries

Every job here in California or elsewhere comes with its own set of risks or hazards. The majority of the time, you may be able to avoid them, but there could come a time when fate catches up to you, and you suffer an on-the-job injury.

Knowing what happens in the event of such an injury before it happens might make the situation at least a little less stressful. Taking the appropriate steps if you suffer an injury at work could help accelerate the claims process and get you much needed benefits.

Line speed and safety in the poultry processing industry

One industry that can see some fairly severe workplace injuries is the poultry processing industry. So, a poultry worker’s life can be greatly impacted when they are subjected to an accident at work. Given this, what workers’ comp benefits they could have access to can be a significant issue for hurt poultry workers.

There are various different types of workers’ comp benefits workers can receive under California’s workers’ comp system. Examples include medical benefits, disability benefits and lost wages. However, not every hurt worker is in the exact same situation regarding what benefits they qualify for. Rather, what specific benefits a worker would be eligible for depends on the specifics of the workplace injuries they suffered. Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help injured poultry workers in California with understanding what workers’ comp benefits they may be likely to qualify for and with factoring such information into their approach regarding workers’ comp claims they pursue.

How can I get a green card?

The many different laws concerning immigration and eligibility requirements can make securing an adjustment of status confusing and difficult. If you are seeking a green card in California, you may feel overwhelmed about what you will need to do and how you can qualify. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service details everything you need to know when it comes to getting your green card.


Will safety wearables become a major part of construction apparel?

How safe a California construction worker is at the worksite can be affected by many things. This includes what they are wearing. For example, what protective equipment they have on during their job activities could be very impactful on this front.

And now, new types of wearable technology are being developed that could potentially contribute to construction worker safety. These are sensor-containing safety wearables.

DACA program’s future still uncertain

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program provides immigration protections for certain young undocumented immigrants. Many things have the potential to have major impacts for participants in the DACA program. One is how they handle the ongoing legal issues related to their participation in the program. This includes issues regarding renewing DACA status.

Another is the long-term future of the program. This is something many DACA participants may have concerns about in the current political environment.

Protecting oneself when working out in the summer heat

What sorts of safety concerns are present at construction sites can be influenced by many things. This includes what time of year it is. Each season can bring its own particular workplace safety risks for construction workers who work outdoors.

In summer, the great deal of heat the season can bring can create potential safety dangers for construction workers. Such heat could put such workers at risk for conditions such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Deportation worries high in California

Recent times have seen a lot of talk of increased immigration enforcement. In this environment, many people may have deportation or other immigration issues on their mind.

There are various deportation worries people can have. Some individuals from foreign countries who are here in the U.S. may worry that they could face deportation. Also, U.S. citizens and others residents of the country might worry that people they know could end up being at risk of being deported.

Should you document your workplace injury if you're undocumented?

Do you know at least 10 out of every 100 workers in the United States are undocumented immigrants? In fact, immigrants without legitimate residency statuses comprise nearly 4 percent of the nation's population. Obviously, many of these millions of people earn incomes through gainful employment. Immigrant workers are just like any other workers in America, some have jobs in labor industries and others have business careers. Also just like many other employees throughout the nation, many immigrant workers are at risk for injury on the job.

If you're undocumented, you likely understand what it's like to live in fear of deportation. Many people in similar circumstances tell how even getting pulled over in a traffic stop is enough to make their hearts race and fill them with worry that immigration officials will come to take them away from their families. An undocumented immigrant's life is seldom easy; yet, it's important to know that there are often resources available to help them if they're involved in workplace accidents.

A worsening of a pre-existing injury could qualify for workers’ comp

Dealing with a health condition or injury can be very difficult. So, it can be incredibly discouraging for a person when a condition/injury they have gets even worse.

A worsening of a pre-existing condition can come about in many ways. Sometimes, such a worsening occurs as a result of a person’s job. A previous injury they had getting worse at work, in addition to being very worrying and impactful for a worker, can also leave a worker confused about what rights they have. Some might assume that anything connected to a pre-existing injury couldn’t qualify for workers’ comp and that, thus, a workers’ comp claim isn’t even worth looking into.

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