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Protecting oneself when working out in the summer heat

What sorts of safety concerns are present at construction sites can be influenced by many things. This includes what time of year it is. Each season can bring its own particular workplace safety risks for construction workers who work outdoors.

U.S. sees increase in fatal construction falls

Construction work can carry dangers with it. As we discussed in a prior post, construction sees a particularly high level of workplace fatalities. A recent Center for Construction Research and Training report indicates that, in recent years, one type of fatal construction accident has especially been on the rise: fatal falls.

Workplace violence prevention important at companies big and small

Workplace violence could strike in any type of company, big or small. So, one would hope businesses of all sizes would take appropriate measures when it comes to workplace violence prevention. This includes making sure their prevention measures are effective.

Abrasive blasting and hearing loss risk

Hearing loss is among the many types of harms a worker could be exposed to in the workplace. The implications of workplace hearing loss on a worker’s life can be considerable. So, when a worker’s hearing is harmed on-the-job, they can be facing all kinds of challenges.

Workplace lead exposure in California

Various different jobs can involve working around lead. One hopes that, in workplaces where lead can be present, employers take proper steps to keep their employees from suffering lead exposure. One example of such exposure is inhaling lead dust.

Tree-trimming safety campaign announced in California

One task some outdoor workers here in California perform as part of their job is tree-trimming. A range of significant safety issues can arise in relation to this work task. Accidents that occur when a worker is tree-trimming can result in incredibly serious injuries, such as major lacerations, electrical injuries and fall injuries. These injuries sometimes even end up taking a worker’s life.

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