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January 2017 Archives

When the answers to the civics test questions change

The naturalization process here in the U.S. involves many different things. This includes the naturalization test. This test has multiple elements. Among these elements is the civics test. Taking the civics test is required for most individuals going through the naturalization process.

Tree-trimming safety campaign announced in California

One task some outdoor workers here in California perform as part of their job is tree-trimming. A range of significant safety issues can arise in relation to this work task. Accidents that occur when a worker is tree-trimming can result in incredibly serious injuries, such as major lacerations, electrical injuries and fall injuries. These injuries sometimes even end up taking a worker's life.

‘Wet foot, dry foot’ policy brought to an end

When a person desires to come to the U.S. and stay in the U.S., one of the things that can have a significant impact on their immigration situation is what country they are from. U.S. immigration rules and policies can vary based on the country a person is from. Skilled attorneys can advise individuals that U.S. immigration matters have arisen for on what their country of origin and the other specifics of their situation mean for the immigration options they have.

Injured at work and money is running out

No one plans on getting injured at work. A small puddle on the floor or a weak spot in scaffolding can send you to the ground - hard. After you get treated and are sent home it is difficult to know what to do next. You are stuck at home as the clock keeps ticking. It is hard to rest when you know that you are missing valuable money at work. If you are feeling rushed to return to work then you might find relief knowing that you can receive benefits for your injury.

Safety issues regarding workplace use of diesel equipment

When it comes to the equipment used at a work site, it is not only the mechanical components of the equipment that worker safety issues can come up in connection to. While these components can give rise to concerns about risks of physical accidents like struck-by injuries or cutting/crushing injuries, these are not the only sources of risk that can come from such equipment. Worker dangers could also come from the substances the machines can put into the air of a workplace.

Overcoming barriers for immigrant school children

Immigrant children face the same overwhelming changes as their parents including a new home, culture and language. On top of these big changes, immigrant children must keep up in school with kids their age. 25 percent of children in America are immigrants, and 1 million of them are undocumented. These millions of children from other countries have a lot to overcome to achieve an education in America.

When an asylum petition is denied

Among the reasons a person may desire to come to the U.S. is to escape persecution in their home country. This could include things like religious or political persecution. One immigration option that may be available to individuals fleeing such persecution is to apply for asylum here in America.

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