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July 2017 Archives

Foreign-born individuals are a big part of the STEM workforce

Immigrants play major roles in many fields here in California. So, there are a wide range of companies in the state that may be looking to have individuals from other countries on their workforce. What employment immigration routes a company may have for trying to bring in a worker from another country to work for it under a green card or temporary work visa can vary based on the type of job the worker would be filling and a range of other circumstances. Employment immigration lawyers can advise companies on what such routes may be available to them.

Employing non-U.S. citizens in your California business

As a California business owner or manager, you may encounter a time when you need someone with a particular expertise. Your search for the right person may lead you outside the United States, and you need to know whether you can bring that individual into the country to work.

Line speed and safety in the poultry processing industry

One industry that can see some fairly severe workplace injuries is the poultry processing industry. So, a poultry worker’s life can be greatly impacted when they are subjected to an accident at work. Given this, what workers’ comp benefits they could have access to can be a significant issue for hurt poultry workers.

How can I get a green card?

The many different laws concerning immigration and eligibility requirements can make securing an adjustment of status confusing and difficult. If you are seeking a green card in California, you may feel overwhelmed about what you will need to do and how you can qualify. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service details everything you need to know when it comes to getting your green card.

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