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September 2018 Archives

Where does your job rank on the scale for danger?

No matter how you earn a living, if you are employed outside the home in California or another state, you likely deal with many issues on a regular basis, such as transportation, clothing, balancing work life and personal life and more. Another primary concern of yours might be safety, especially if you happen to work in an industry well known as inherently dangerous.

When legal status and workers' comp intersect

California is a border state. If you are an immigrant who happens to work in this state, you are likely aware that federal officials often conduct spontaneous investigations and target undocumented immigrants for detainment. You may be one of many immigrant employees who are hesitant to report an injury because you worry that problems might arise regarding your legal status or you simply don't want to draw any further attention to your situation than necessary.

Final week of September is Fall Prevention Awareness Week

Countless people are injured across the country every year from falls, whether they occur at home, the workplace or out in public. Californians may reduce their chances of being seriously hurt in a fall when they understand the risks and take measures to prevent falling. This can be especially true at work, since there are numerous ways to fall in any industry.

Part 2 of OSHA inspections: after a workplace accident

Recently, we covered the topic of reporting a concern to OSHA if you were worried about dangerous conditions at work. At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez, we are aware that many workplace accidents occur every year on job sites in California and across the country. Many of these prompt an automatic inspection by OSHA officials. You might be interested in learning how inspections are carried out, as well as which types of accidents or conditions require immediate inspections.

Why was my workers' comp claim denied, and what should I do now

You may never expect to get injured at work, but it is a relief to know there is a system in place to compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages and other qualifying costs. If you have never had to file a claim for workers' compensation, the process may seem complicated. However, it is worth the effort to obtain the funds you need to prevent your family from falling into financial trouble from the expenses related to the workplace injury.

Can I call OSHA to inspect a dangerous workplace condition?

As you know, there are government regulations for any type of company to keep their workplaces safe for employees and customers. Whether these regulations involve correctly labeling and storing hazardous chemicals for cleaning the office or keeping heavy machinery properly maintained and repaired at an automotive manufacturing company, employers are supposed to provide the proper training, education and safety equipment to prevent accidents on the job. Unfortunately, some employers in California and elsewhere fail to meet safety standards, resulting in numerous workplace accidents each year across the country.

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