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Noise on the job may damage more than your hearing

With the rise in awareness of many work-related illnesses, your California employer may be among those who frequently sponsor regular health screenings. Health care professionals may come to your place of employment and offer testing for your overall health, vision, hearing and other types of examinations.

Meat and poultry plants continue to endanger workers

For many in California who enjoy a good steak on the grill or prefer the health qualities of chicken breast, the thought of how that meat gets to their plates is easy to dismiss. What many fail to realize is that the men and women working in meat and poultry packing plants suffer illness and injuries at a rate higher than most in other factory jobs.

Can you file a workers' compensation claim without status papers?

If you happen to be a California worker without legal status papers, you are definitely not alone. In fact, undocumented immigrants comprise at least 10 percent of this state's workforce. More than 3 percent of the nation's population includes immigrants without valid legal statuses. Like many hard-working employees, you may worry what would happen if you were ever to suffer an injury on the job. For those in similar situations, a major concern is often whether eligibility for workers' compensation exists.

Has a work injury robbed you of your ability to work?

A workplace injury can cause struggle and frustration all around. Your employer must fill your position while you recover, and this can be costly. Your family may have to adapt to your injury and the changes it brings to the household. Your spouse may be carrying a heavier burden by caring for you and increasing hours at work to make up for lost income.

Protecting your head and eyes on the job

The workplace injuries that costs employers the most money are those involving the head and nervous system. However, as much as such an injury may cost your employer, it is likely you are the one who pays the higher price. An injury to your head, including your eyes, can change your life forever by robbing you of independence and other blessings too precious for a price tag.

What benefits am I entitled to under workers' comp?

After suffering an injury or illness at work, you could face a significant amount of time off work and mounting medical costs. Hopefully, you will be able to get back to work quickly, but there is the chance that your injuries could keep you from work for weeks or months.

Amputation from workplace accident puts life on hold

There are three kinds of people on the job site. One kind of worker thinks an accident will never happen to them and others know it's just a matter of time. No matter which kind of those two workers you were before, you are now in the third category: injured. A moment of inattention, a piece of faulty equipment or a safety procedure ignored has now cost you a limb.

Medical professionals have highest rate of workplace injuries

You may laugh when you watch medical dramas on TV. The nurses, assistants and aids in immaculate scrubs and perfect hair may spend an entire episode sitting at the bedside of a single patient or wandering around the halls with a cup of coffee and a heartbroken co-worker. You know this is rarely the case, especially in a hospital setting, and you likely have the blisters and bruises to prove it.

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