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Can your employer clear you for work after a job-related injury?

You may have heard discussions about the benefits of workers' compensation, how to go about getting the most of your coverage and how to approach a situation where you have been injured in a job-related incident. However, there is rarely much talk about what happens after you have been given compensation and are undergoing recovery in California. Where do you go from here? Will you be able to return to work? Is your employer obligated to re-hire you and allow you to resume your previous responsibilities?

Your job could make you lose your hearing

At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez in California, we know how maddening it is when people mumble to the point that you cannot make out what they are saying. If you seem to experience this more and more, however, has it occurred to you to wonder if the problem might not be them, but you? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hearing loss is the nation’s number one work-related injury, resulting in an annual outlay of $242 million in workers’ compensation.

Fighting wildfires can have unexpected consequences

Wildfire season is coming up in California. This means a good paycheck for you, and fighting fires provides a physical challenge you enjoy. You can also gain satisfaction saving buildings, wildlife and scenery from destruction. However, as our team at the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez is aware, your job is also a dangerous one. You can face immediate injuries on the job as well as long-term illnesses resulting from inhaling toxic particles in the smoke.

Preventing the top 3 injuries nurses sustain

At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez in California, we know that as a nurse, you face a continuing risk of injury while performing your day-to-day duties. Scrubs Magazine reports that no matter where you work, be it a hospital, nursing home, doctor's office or in your patients’ homes, you should take just as good care of yourself as you do of your patients.

How prevalent is workplace violence?

As a California worker, you expect to work in a safe and violence-free environment. As reasonable as those expectations are, however, you may be shocked to learn that over two million Americans report each year that they were victims of workplace violence. You may be even more shocked to learn that 403 American workers died in 2014 as the result of a workplace homicide, the fourth leading cause of workplace fatalities.

What workers need to know about construction site back injuries

California construction workers should be aware that they work in the industry that has the highest incidence of work-related back injuries of any industry in the country. As reported by Fox News, musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers make up 25 percent of all workplace injuries, and 40 percent of these are back injuries.

What outdoor construction dangers do you face at work?

The beginning of spring heralds the start of construction season for those in California and elsewhere. While this is good for your paycheck, it may be bad for your safety, if you are not aware of the risks you face working in the construction industry.

How dangerous are elevators in the workplace?

If you must work in, on or near elevators at your California job, you are at substantial risk for injury and/or death. Per the Center for Construction Research and Training, elevator accidents account for nearly 17,000 injuries and 31 deaths each year

What is SSDI?

If you are a California worker who sustained an on-the-job injury or developed a work-related illness that has resulted in your being unable to work, you may be eligible to receive SSDI benefits. The National Academy of Social Insurance explains that there are two criteria that determine whether or not you can receive Social Security disability insurance benefits

A toxic work environment can have unexpected effects

As anyone in California can attest, working with unhappy or abusive people can be a miserable experience. However, the long-term health effects of working in a toxic environment may include mental and physical issues that impact both a person’s work performance and personal life.

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