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Road traffic injuries at work

Some people find themselves working in traffic on a daily basis, from road construction workers to those who drive large trucks. People in these fields may face a number of risks while performing their job duties, including the possibility of being hurt in a traffic crash. Moreover, people in other industries may be injured in a work-related traffic injury as well. For example, someone may be asked to run an errand for their employer, which could require them to operate a vehicle or even cross busy streets. The consequences of work-related traffic crashes can be staggering and injured workers need to know which options they have.

What does reduced duty mean?

An injury could change the way you are able to work — maybe permanently. California law has terms that could provide some protection for you, even if your original job were to prove impossible for you to perform. Regardless of what your level of disability might be, you could still potentially have the right to work at your current company.

Construction electrocutions: continuing worker risk

At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez in California, we know the dangers and risks you face as a construction worker on your job sites each day. Electrocutions are one of your biggest risks since you are surrounded by numerous power tools, equipment and machinery.

Final week of September is Fall Prevention Awareness Week

Countless people are injured across the country every year from falls, whether they occur at home, the workplace or out in public. Californians may reduce their chances of being seriously hurt in a fall when they understand the risks and take measures to prevent falling. This can be especially true at work, since there are numerous ways to fall in any industry.

Part 2 of OSHA inspections: after a workplace accident

Recently, we covered the topic of reporting a concern to OSHA if you were worried about dangerous conditions at work. At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez, we are aware that many workplace accidents occur every year on job sites in California and across the country. Many of these prompt an automatic inspection by OSHA officials. You might be interested in learning how inspections are carried out, as well as which types of accidents or conditions require immediate inspections.

Can I call OSHA to inspect a dangerous workplace condition?

As you know, there are government regulations for any type of company to keep their workplaces safe for employees and customers. Whether these regulations involve correctly labeling and storing hazardous chemicals for cleaning the office or keeping heavy machinery properly maintained and repaired at an automotive manufacturing company, employers are supposed to provide the proper training, education and safety equipment to prevent accidents on the job. Unfortunately, some employers in California and elsewhere fail to meet safety standards, resulting in numerous workplace accidents each year across the country.

Does traumatic brain injury have an impact on emotions?

For workers in California who’ve experience traumatic brain injuries (TBI), the physical effects are quite well-known. However, there are also a range of emotional and behavioral effects that can greatly impact a person’s like both at work and at home. Understanding these issues is vital to ensure you and your family can access the help you need to make the best recovery possible. highlights common mental symptoms that can occur after a TBI.

What construction workers should know about scaffolding injuries

California construction workers often must work on or near scaffolding, putting them at high risk of injury. In fact, FindLaw reports that per Occupational Safety and Health Administration figures, a full 65 percent of construction workers must work on scaffolds, hoists, tall ladders and/or lifts as part of their jobs.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

If you have noticed recent tingling, numbness or pain in your hand(s), you may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome caused by your California job. As explains, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when your median nerve becomes squeezed or compressed as it passes through your wrist.

Can your employer clear you for work after a job-related injury?

You may have heard discussions about the benefits of workers' compensation, how to go about getting the most of your coverage and how to approach a situation where you have been injured in a job-related incident. However, there is rarely much talk about what happens after you have been given compensation and are undergoing recovery in California. Where do you go from here? Will you be able to return to work? Is your employer obligated to re-hire you and allow you to resume your previous responsibilities?

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