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Accusations of CBP holding asylum-seekers' children too long

Lawyers for asylum-seekers in southern California are accusing the Customs and Border Protection Agency ("CPB") of violating federal law and the terms of the Flores Settlement Agreement by holding migrant children in custody longer than the law or the settlement allows.

What should I know about permanent work immigration?

With the current system of immigration in flux, many people are fearful as to how pending and proposed changes will impact them and their families. Although there is substantial rhetoric as to how work immigration, visas, a green card and other immigration concerns are addressed, the current laws are relatively static to what they have been in the past.

Change in citizenship policy creates confusion

The Trump administration has been consist in cracking down on immigration, and so when U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced late last month that it was changing its policy toward children born abroad to U.S. citizen parents, many immigration advocates assumed the worst. Headlines declared that children born overseas to U.S. military service member parents would now no longer automatically receive U.S. citizenship.

Local police hand man over to ICE despite sanctuary law

As the Trump administration continues its high-profile efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, California's sanctuary law aims to provide immigrants with some protection. The California Values Act, which went into effect last year, limits local law enforcement agencies in their ability to work with federal agencies on immigration law.

California opens Medicaid to some undocumented immigrants

Immigration policy is in the news nearly every day this summer, mostly with incredibly disturbing stories about how immigrants are being treated. Fortunately, not all the immigration news is bad. While the federal government's crackdown on immigration continues, California is taking some steps to make things easier for immigrants.

The right approach to identifying your immigration legal issue

Many of our readers in California have probably never been involved in any type of legal proceeding, but those facing immigration issues know that these cases can become quite complex in a hurry. The right approach to identifying exactly what type of immigration issue you are facing is crucial.

Overcoming barriers for immigrant school children

Immigrant children face the same overwhelming changes as their parents including a new home, culture and language. On top of these big changes, immigrant children must keep up in school with kids their age. 25 percent of children in America are immigrants, and 1 million of them are undocumented. These millions of children from other countries have a lot to overcome to achieve an education in America.

Can I get workers' compensation if I'm not a citizen?

You don't have to be American to work hard in America. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are among the hardest working employees in the country. This is especially true in states with high immigrant populations, such as California.

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