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Injured at work and money is running out

No one plans on getting injured at work. A small puddle on the floor or a weak spot in scaffolding can send you to the ground - hard. After you get treated and are sent home it is difficult to know what to do next. You are stuck at home as the clock keeps ticking. It is hard to rest when you know that you are missing valuable money at work. If you are feeling rushed to return to work then you might find relief knowing that you can receive benefits for your injury.

Can I be deported if I file for workers' compensation?

If you get hurt at work and you are an illegal immigrant, you are probably afraid that you will be deported if you try to get help. This isn't true. California laws say that all workers can file for workers' compensation and get money for medical treatment, even if they are illegal immigrants. You cannot be deported for filing workers' comp.

Are TV and movie sets becoming more dangerous?

Movies and TV shows feature many depictions of dangerous situations. Unfortunately, the dangers at TV and movie sets are not just limited to the pretend variety. Safety risks that are all-too-real can arise in such workplaces, sometimes leading to workers getting seriously hurt.

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